Motion = Commotion!

Thank you for your patience while the site was down for some time. We are now up and running and have slashed our prices across the board! Why? Last year, we were able to hire a fantastic product formulation scientist who tweaked his methodology to allow us to capture a higher potency of the total cannabinoid profiles at an extremely reduced operating expense, all the while still maintaining our company’s strict rule on chemical free extraction!! WINNING!

We have stocked our shelves with over 5,000 units of each of the respective potency, and as a company we have decided that because of the progress of our company in the CBD Oil sector, we wanted to provide a superior qualitative product, at extremely competitive price points!

We have also tasked and entrusted an individual, via corporate approval, to manage the IDCN REDDIT PAGE. The moderator for that page is also managing this site as well (username: IDCNINCADMIN )

Reddit link:

Moderator username: IDCNINCADMIN

ALOT MORE Great updates soon to come!!!!

Motion = Commotion!

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