Meet the Founders

Kenneth Ash

Mr. Ash is the President and a board member of Indocan Resources. He served in the United States Navy on board the USS Iowa (BB-61) and the Moinester (FF-1079). From 1987 to 1998, he worked in the Securities Industry as a stockbroker. Since then he has managed several multi-million dollar vacation properties on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.

Larry Kau

Mr. Kau is head of Operations Manager/Farming for Indocan Resources. He earned a BS from UW Whitewater in 1971. He then owned and operated an 800 acre dairy farm from 1972-1988. He was employed by Commerce Group Corp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, serving as a manager to finance, acquire, and deliver mining equipment to the their gold mine in El Salvador.


Meet shareholder expectations. Provide professional product solutions, excellent service, and promote high quality product development research.


To become a world-class corporation in continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise.

Financial Considerations

Financial Considerations

Start-up expenses are modest and are being provided by management. They include monies needed to support operations. Most of the Company’s liabilities will come from outside private loans and management investments.

The Future

The Company is currently preparing a Form 10 which will be filed upon completion. This business plan contains forward-looking statements which relate to the Company’s future financial performance and involve risks, uncertainties, and other factors. Investors should only rely on the information contained in this document or to which you have been referred. No one is authorized to provide any information that is different from that contained herein.


The Company intends to leverage assets through banks or private borrowing. Profitability will depend on the timeliness of funding and the application of funds to produce hemp for CBD. The information in this report is not complete and may be changed. Potential investors are responsible for their own due diligence.

Financial Considerations

Indocan Resources was incorporated in Nevada in 1994, changed to Montana, and then Wyoming in 2011. Articles of incorporation were made current in Wyoming on May 25, 2018. The stock currently trades on the Gray Market under the symbol IDCN.
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